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Structural Engineering 

Residential and Mixed-use Buildings

Master Planning Work 

  • Develop existing conditions and  topographic plan

  • Site layout design with all program elements including building footprints,  supporting infrastructure building and amenities spaces. 

  • Parking Layout plan, transportation plan with major and minor circulation roads and 

  • Open space and conceptual landscape design

  • Elements of public realm improvement with site softscape and hardscape

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Architectural Design (from conceptual design to detailed drawing)  

  • Develop schematic design documents to illustrate the scale and character of the project and how the parts of the project functionally relate to each other.

  • Review applicable statutes, regulations, codes and by-laws and where necessary review the same with local authorities. 

  • Prepare design development drawings consisting of the entire program on the site. The drawings provide the architectural intent and include information from other consultants.

  • Develop architectural plans, layouts,  reflected ceiling plans, exterior and interior elevations, building sections, door and window schedules, Kitchen and bathroom layouts and other space designs. 

  • Integrate consultant drawings from MEP, structural, interior design, audiovisual, and other owner-supplied items.


Structural Engineering 

  • Develop 3D structural model of the building for analysis using software such as SAP 2000, ETABS, RISA etc. 

  • Develop Structural Design Narrative for the project. Coordinate with other consultants to establish equipment loading, opening, and trenches. 

  • Design and engineer base structural elements such as beams, columns, slabs, and shear walls as required for the project. 

  • Perform structural analysis and design using applicable local codes.

  • Develop structural drawing set & structural details for all engineered systems mentioned. 

  • Perform connection designs and develop structural connection details. 

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BIM Modeling 

  • Using industry-leading software: Revit and Archicad to develop architectural and Structural 3D building information models.

  • Perform MEP design coordination, and integrate information from other consultants in BIM models. 

  • Perform clash detection reports for the HVAC ducts, diffusers, plumbing, and other trades to aid coordination. 

Quantity takeoff

  • Perform quantity takeoff for structural elements and building materials 

  • Perform quantity takeoffs for drawings including furniture and fixture schedules.

Construction Set (CD) Drawing Production  

  • Develop for construction (CD) architectural Revit 3D models to develop for construction CAD drawing sets. 

  • Work with the owner to resolve city/ town and agency requirements and comments. 

Master Planning Work 

Marketing Materials 

  • Develop photorealistic renderings of the proposed project site. 

  • Develop Floor Plan Renderings, 3D site, and interior views to be used for marketing.  

  • Prepare Brochure/ Flyer of the proposed development with renderings and floor plans and other information provided by the client (Upto 4 pages).

 Preliminary Traffic Impact Analysis 

  • Perform Traffic Impact Study for the proposed development.

  • Calculate Peak Hour and total trip generated based on the proposed program as per the guidelines provided by the ITE Trip generation manual.

  • Develop a calculation report to be submitted to the desired town/ city/ agency. 

Completed Projects

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