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Rendering View data center

Data Center Design and Construction

Site Selection/ Location Analysis 

Site Selection/ Location Analysis 

  • Availability, cost of land

  • Availability, cost and redundancy of electric power 

  • Low/moderate risk of adverse weather events or natural disasters 

  • Existing telecommunication Infrastructure

  • Quality of life - proximity to support services

  • Cost of construction

Data Center Site Planning

  • Existing site conditions analysis

  • Local zoning and planning codes

  • Community Planning around Data center

  • Geospatial surveys

  • Topographic/LIDAR/aerial survey to CAD

  • Campus planning and site layout

  • Landscape Design

  • Transportation Planning

  • Public realm development

Queensland data center site planning
Climate Risk Assessment & Environmental Studies

Climate Risk Assessment & Environmental Studies

  • Climate Risk Assessment

    • FEMA floodplain investigations

    • Wildfire, Natural Disaster, Precipitation Assessment

  • Environmental Studies

    • Wetland studies and habitat restoration

    • Visual Impact analysis

    • Protected area mapping

    • Social Justice

Building Information Modeling

  • Collaborative 3D models

  • Improved design documentation

  • Efficient information sharing

  • Model-based cost estimation 

  • Improved coordination and clash detection 

Digital Twin Dashboard caddlance data center

Digital Twin 

  • Real-Time reporting, performance evaluation and health analytics of physical assets

  • Preventive and predictive maintenance of assets

  • Single source of communication for all disciplines, creating a common data environment.

  • Integrated design, engineering, operational visualization and dashboard. 

  • Data driven financial decision-making

  • Accelerated risk assessment 

  • Asset or facility Information model/ Life cycle information management

3D Modeling & Visualization

  • Develop 3D Sketchup model

  • 2D Photorealistic Renders

  • Walkthrough Video

  • Interactive model hosting

  • 3D Tiling and data management

  • ArcGIS Story Maps/ Web maps

Data Center and Solar

Completed Projects

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